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Title: Things Like These
Pair/Chara: Kangteuk of course / slight appearances of some other members.
Rating: General
Summary: To Leeteuk, Kangin was the most annoying creature he ever had the misfortune of knowing.

A/N: Valentine's Day fic. attempt at being romantic. another one of my typical school!au. because I love school!au and secretly miss my high school life. thank you catherine_leite for beta!

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Title : The Warmest Gift
Pair/chara : kangteuk / tiny weeny bit of yunho (DBSK)
Rating : PG for kissing… not really.
Word count : 1734
Summary : Youngwoon was popular. Jungsu was quiet. They met in an empty library.
A/N : for sparklinghebe because I’ve promised (I couldn’t seem to fit the word ‘bitch’ anywhere in here ._____. Sorry for being a failure) and catherine_leite because she’s emo.

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